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Lahemaa´s nature in your bedroom

Ennu´s hut

…welcomes everyone who loves nature and appreciates a “close to nature” way of life. A cozy nest
made of recycled materials offers a refuge for those escaping the hustle and bustle of the city and a
moment of rest for tired hikers. If you’re lucky, you can see both badger and elk pass by and fall
asleep under the watchful eye of owls.


… the window offers an idyllic view of the Hara village road – for a while, until the low trees grow
into big ones. Cozy cottage with a kitchenette is surrounded by a small garden, where you can pick
blueberries while lying in the sunshine on the terrace. At dusk, you can interact with both hedgehogs
and owls.


… is a sacred place in Lahemaa where you can relax and purify yourself. In addition, the sauna is a
great place for communication, where social boundaries disappear, and open conversations are held.
There is a choice of old and new Lahemaa sauna.

In addition to accommodation

we offer


You don’t always feel like making butter bread yourself, no matter how calm the morning is in
Lahemaa. It becomes even more beautiful and pleasant when a fresh breakfast is brought to the room
on a tray. Depending on the season, we also try to offer something local.


Lahemaa is a land of bays, and its beauty is best seen from the sea. Wonderful beaches, rocky
beaches, flocks of birds and the underwater world bring out the essence of Lahemaa more
authentically and romantically than you can expect.


Genuine “old-time” bone motors are available free of charge to visitors of our holiday home. A little
more modern mountain bikes, however, will take you to rooty forest trails and nature-friendly places
of interest in the surrounding area.

Customer feedback:

‘all in and even more’- that’s what best describes this experience. The small, cozy cottage gave us a direct view of the forest. The large window gives you the feeling of sleeping in the middle of the forest. With a bit of luck, you might see an animal or two.. the hosts are a dream come true. They are open (but not intrusive), extremely friendly and very accommodating. They gave us a great insight into their everyday life and home. We were not guests today but felt like friends. Thank you for this unique Estlander experience! Absolutely recommended!


A very nice place for two. We woke up with a view of the sunny forest! Great attention to detail in the interior. Small but well-equipped kitchen. In fact, all the necessary things were in the house. Even if you want to go to the forest for mushrooms 🙂 . Viinistu beach resort is not far away, where we had a delicious dinner. As soon as we arrived, we were greeted by a friendly cat. It was awesome! We highly recommend this place!


Enn’s hut i so sweet and peaceful place for one or two people. I spent one winter night there and enjoyed it – so fresh, warm and calm. Sauna was good and with nice view to forest. Definitely will go back!


The story of Lahemaa

In everyday routine, it is easy to forget everything that really matters, we make an important face and talk about how busy we are all the time. We are used to living in a city where there is no difference between darkness and light, because electric light has made night and day equal. Movement and traffic, colors and noise make us restless, and we no longer notice it. We get used to it. We get used to not remembering how many summers and winters, autumns and springs have passed without noticing the clouds and the starry sky, nights, and days. We don’t have time to look at the beauty around us! At some point we realize that we don’t remember anything about the busy times.

Sometimes we come to the realization that this is how we do not want to live our lives. All around us is the endless sky, a wonderful sign of hope that the impossible is possible for us and the walls are only in our heads. Life rushes on, we hear rushing footsteps, people always thinking about something. You always must figure out something. But will anything ever become finished? And then suddenly we don’t want everything to be the way we have experienced before:”Stop me for a moment, pour peace and light into my soul, so that I can understand where and for what!”

Gets dim. The sea usually calms down in Lahemaa by the evening. But sometimes not. When the sea is beautiful and calm, he is like that only for a while because life here is not some dead composition. The sun’s rays gild the pine trees, and the Soul is full of gratitude that we can experience this… Evening turns into night and you can see the stars and sometimes also northern lights. The birds don’t sing anymore. In calmness, you can feel restlessness and tension, excitement – tomorrow we start again, tomorrow is a new day and new opportunities!

A dark curtain slowly opens over the sky and the earth, and the sun’s rays gild the forest and water, everything comes to life. In the morning light, everything has its place. You just must look, carefully.

A new day is for you, shedding light on those who are grateful, whose eyes are open. There is something wonderful in every moment, something to be grateful for.

It’s good to be in nature.

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Ennu´s hut